Together We're Giants

More often than not we wait until we “make it” to start lending a hand. We set our goals in front of us and determine our self worth by how many of them we can accomplish. However, at times, we fail to recognize those who paved the way before us and/or provided us the tools necessary to succeed. On the pathway to success the road is not only wide enough to accommodate one person. Nor is there any glass ceiling that can be broken with just one individual. We need each other because together we are giants. Giants that can break down any obstacle that come in the way. 

Scholarship Requirements

  • African American Male or Female – High School Senior
  • Ranked in the Top 25%
  • Entering a Private College/University
  • Submission of Resumé, Transcript, and College Essay
  • Additional Essay: What do you what your legacy to be? ( 500 Words)
APPLICATION DUE: July 19, 2020

2019 Scholars – Fatima Barrie, Hannah Romain, Cyan Jean
2018 Scholar – Abigail Baptiste
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