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Together We’re Giants

A movement to inspire and empower the African American diaspora by providing scholarship and mentorship to high school students entering their first year of college.


The theme for 2020 is “Share Your Story.” Throughout the year we will be sharing blog posts centered around the stories of African Americans who are in college or have recently graduated. These stories will highlight the struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned within their undergraduate years. We hope that this will serve as tool to those entering college.


  • Culture Shock
    Daryl Loreus “Culture shock” still seems like a bit of an understatement when describing my first few weeks at Merrimack College. I arrived on campus to start my 4-yr undergrad campaign in August, 2016. Going into my freshman year, I had already asked all the credible people I knew what I’d thought were the appropriateContinue reading “Culture Shock”
  • It Wasn’t Supposed to be Like This
    Maeva Veillard August 2015– I loaded my parent’s van and my father along with my aunt drove 986 miles from Hyde Park, Massachusetts to Greencastle, Indiana. I was eager to “start my life” (As if I hadn’t already been living my life for 17 years lol). In my mind, I thought escaping to a far-offContinue reading “It Wasn’t Supposed to be Like This”
  • Raised By A Village
    Dinah B. Salomon Twelve schools man. That is the number of schools I applied to during my final year of high school. Out of those twelve schools, ONE accepted me. And to tell you the truth I actually got waitlisted. See, I wasn’t exactly your model student, not in the positive way anyway. There wereContinue reading “Raised By A Village”

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